Staghorn algae (UPDATED)

Staghorn Algae grow in long individual, grey-green strands, that form a few branches. It will grow close to the light source on equipment and plants. One good thing about this algae is that it tend to stay at one "favorite spot" in the aquarium and doesn't propagate fast. Strands can be pulled off the surface or in very bad cases the whole leaf should be discarded. Higher ammonia/ammonium levels (overstocking and substrate disturbance) and low CO2 levels will favour this algae. Its been known that the Siamese Algae Eater will keep this algae in check. Nutrient control and plant pruning will limit Staghorn algae.
Observations 1;
My aquarium got suddenly infested with this threaded Staghorn algae. It is only growing on Microsorum leaves and on the filter out-let. Shrimps don't show any appetite towards this type of algae. After two days of observations I have found the culprit. Algae infected only the old Microsorum leaves. So, I pruned off the infested leaves, and the SA didn't return. The older leaves were leaking out nutrients back into the water column favoring this sort of algae.
Observation 2;
I experienced a huge infestation of Staghorn algae on Crypto and Anubias leaves in 2 aquariums of mine. I introduced a few Amano shrimps (Caridina multidentata) and I could see the algae disapearing after only a few days. I could observe the Amano shrimps sitting on the leaves and eating the Staghorn directly with their mouth (usualy shrimps pick the algae with their front legs). Highly recomanded shrimp :-)

Photos by Dusko Bojic.